Squad Loadout Integration Modeling – Refined (SLIMR) is a unique system that allows for 3D modeling and analysis of sewn products and other soft sided items carried by the Warfighter.  This system offers users the ability to produce interactive and customizable 3D renderings of soft sided objects from infinite perspectives.  In addition to the imaging capabilities of SLIMR, additional information, such as the properties listed below, can be linked to the SLIMR files and tracked:

  • Mass
  • Dimension
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Center of Gravity
  • Construction Techniques
  • Integration and Interference with other items
  • 2D Patterns
  • Vendor Information
  • Design Notes
  • Field Test feedback via photos, video, or text

SLIMR offers mission planners, Program Managers, procurement officers, product designers, and others an additional tool to analyze the properties and effects of individual items and the combined effects of integrated items and systems that are carried by the Warfighter.  It also functions as a collaborative tool, allowing users, designers, and requirements and procurement personnel to view the same image from locations across the globe, mark up changes, make notations and communicate perspectives and opinions.  Some features of the SLIMR system have already been commercialized and others are under development.

The SLIMR system allows for clearer communication and faster prototyping, development, and deployment of sewn products for the Warfighter.